My name is Bastien Petit. I build web products.

Before this, I was the Product Director at Leadformance. The company was acquired by Solocal Group in 2014 and I left it in 2015. More about this on Linkedin.

I am currently in Chambéry, France.

You can contact me by email.


CashNotify NEW
Stripe notifications for macOS.

Instant subscription widget for paid Slack communities.

Find the best weather for your round-the-world trip.


How backpacking inpired me to create ClimateList - Feb 9, 2017

Mapping the world’s climate for travelers - Oct 21, 2016

Trying TensorFlow’s image recognition script - July 28, 2016

Some articles about ClimateList's climate zones: Australia, Canada, China, India, Mali, Portugal, Russia.

What's next?

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